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2011 Glee Awards

25 November
External Services:
  • 2011gleeawards@livejournal.com


Welcome to the LiveJournal page for the 2011 Glee Awards!

The goal of our awards are to recognize the outstanding work that many of the fans do for all the rest of us fans out there. Day after day we see artwork, fiction, manips, and more provided to us by those around us in the fandom, and we would like to show all the makers of these our gratitude!

You will find useful links at the top of our profile to our Tumblr page, our rules and info, and our award categories. On our journal you'll find updates and searches for fans just like us who would like to help out in the process!

We would love to get as many fans involved as possible, so please share us with all of your friends!

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